Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When should you start investing?

A: So there can't be a better time than today to invest into the markets and there can't be a better time to invest in the market then when you have cash. As Albert Einstein mentioned the power of compounding is amazing, it just doesn't stop so don't worry about macros, don't worry about environment. When you have money that is the best time to invest into the market.

Don't invest into the market on a momentum basis. You have to invest the market based on what the market cycle is. So there are periods when equities are cheap that is the time to be overweight equities. There are times when fixed income is cheap, that is the time to be overweight fixed income. There will be a time when real estate will be cheap that is the time to invest in real estate. Typically during the crisis time I have seen that real estate investors move towards safety. In fact that is the time for you to capture opportunities in the market. Obviously you cannot time the market so when you enter into a storm you will get wet but then that is the time you will capture the best of the opportunities. And over a period of time that risk taking will be rewarded handsomely.

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