Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Media Stocks to Buy Now

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Five Media stocks are moving up in their overall rating this week, according to the Portfolio Grader database. Every one of these is graded an “A” (“strong buy”) or “B” overall (“buy”).

Knology (NASDAQ:) is making headway this week, with the company’s rating improving to an A (“strong buy”) from a B (“buy”) last week. Knology is a fully integrated provider of video, voice and advanced communications services to residential customers in the southeastern United States. In Portfolio Grader’s specific subcategories of Equity and Margin Growth, KNOL also gets A’s. .

Dex One (NYSE:) ups its rating to a B (“buy”) this week after earning a C (“hold”) in the week before. Dex One is a marketing solutions company that offers various solutions to promote businesses on the Internet through its proprietary search engine marketing product, DexNet. .

This week, Lee Enterprises, Incorporated’s (NYSE:) ratings are up from a B last week to an A. Lee owns various daily newspapers and a joint interest in several others. The stock price has risen 26.1% over the past month, better than the 1.7% decrease the S&P 500 has seen over the same period of time. .

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Outdoor Channel Holdings (NASDAQ:) is seeing ratings go up from a C last week to a B this week. Outdoor Channel Holdings is the principal owner of The Outdoor Channel, a national television network. .

This is a strong week for Charter Communications, Inc. Class A (NASDAQ:). The company’s rating climbs to B from the previous week’s C. Charter Communications is a provider of traditional cable video programming (basic and digital video), high-speed Internet services, and telephone services for residential and commercial customers. .

Louis Navellier’s proprietary Portfolio Grader stock ranking system assesses roughly 5,000 companies every week based on a number of fundamental and quantitative measures. Stocks are given a letter grade based on their results — with A being “strong buy,” and F being “strong sell.” Explore the tool here.

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