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5 Best Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

5 Best Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now: Apple Inc.(AAPL)

Apple Inc., together with subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, mobile communication and media devices, and portable digital music players, as well as sells related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications worldwide. The company sells its products worldwide through its online stores, retail stores, direct sales force, third-party wholesalers, resellers, and value-added resellers. In addition, it sells third-party Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod compatible products, including application software, printers, storage devices, speakers, headphones, and other accessories and peripherals through its online and retail stores; and digital content and applications through the iTunes Store. The company sells its products to consumer, small and mid-sized business, education, enterprise, government, and creative markets. As of September 25, 2010, it had 317 retail stores, including 233 stores in the United States and 84 stores internationally. The company, formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc., was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Ashraf Eassa]

    I would imagine, as we saw with 20-nanometer, that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) will hog the initial supply of 14/16-nanometer throughout the industry for its latest iPhone and iPad chips. After that, it'd make sense for Qualcomm to work out the kinks with its smaller die size cellular baseband and then once the yield learning has taken place, bring to bear a much larger die size integrated applications processor on whatever FinFET processes it is using.

  • [By Adam Levy]

    What does YouTube Music Key mean for YouTube and Google investors, and how does it affect competitors such as Pandora (NYSE: P  ) ! and Beats by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) ?


    Disney could send personalized smartphone alerts of short lines or flash-sale opportunities.

    Where can Disney go from there? It was originally suggested that the MagicBand could be used to pull up guest info that the family entertainment giant could use to enhance the experience. Characters would be able to identify guests by name, if the guests opted in, of course. Armed with info about their favorite rides, restaurants and even characters, Disney could send personalized smartphone alerts of short lines or flash-sale opportunities when guests are in the park. There's a fine line between enhancing a park outing and being creepy, but arming guests with the power to decide how immersive they want their experiences to be will go a long way toward silencing any privacy concerns. It also wouldn't be a surprise if MagicBand options themselves grow in the future. There are already limited-edition character wristbands, but what about designer models? What about Disney watches with RFID chips? What about fitness trackers, feeding off my earlier suggestion of a Run Disney MagicBand that takes advantage of its growing competitive running slate to roll out a fitness-tracking MagicBand? Getting folks to start wearing these bracelets outside of the theme park could also open up possibilities for not just Disney Store interactions but possibly even a digital wallet along the lines of Apple (AAPL) Pay or an unlocking mechanism for digital goodies at movie theaters and beyond. Disney really is just scratching the surface here. One can only imagine what will be possible in another year or two. More from Rick Aristotle Munarriz
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  • [By Daniel Kline]

    Last week, the company introduced Echo, a sor! t of pers! onal assistant meant to function as a life organizer. Amazon explained how the device will work on a web page introducing it:

    Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It's always on -- just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Echo begins working as soon as it hears you say the wake word, "Alexa." It's also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound. Basically, it's a cool speaker with a built-in voice assistant that works like a well-focused version of Apple's  (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) Siri or Microsoft's  (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) Cortana. Instead of being an anything for anytime assistant like the phone offerings, Echo is built around being useful in a home, It does everything from acting as an alarm clock to helping build a grocery list, and delivering weather forecasts.The device is not total home control, and it's not a robot, but if it delivers what it promises, it's a step in that direction.

    Amazon's Echo is part speaker, part voice assistant. Source: Amazon. 

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